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First Grade

Mrs. Meherg
Mallory Meherg, 1st Grade Teacher-min.JPG

A note from the teacher

Mallory Meherg

I am so excited to be apart of this new adventure and look forward to seeing how much your child thrives at LEAD!

Mrs. Salvador-Hughes
Victoria Salvador-Hughes, 1st Grade Teacher-min.JPG

A note from the teacher

Victoria Salvador-Hughes

My hope is to inspire children to want to learn. Growing up, I loved to learn. I loved teachers who loved to teach. I hope to convey my love of learning every day to the children in my classroom. I hope to inspire them to become life long learners.

Mrs. Trotter
Katie Trotter, 1st Grade Teacher-min.JPG

A note from the teacher

Katie Trotter

I love learning new things and I strongly believe that this is due to the many great teachers that I had throughout my life. My mission is to inspire, lead, and instruct my students, and hopefully spark a life-long love for learning in them as well!


School Start: 7:15
Tardy Bell: 7:50
Pickup Time: 3:00
After School Pickup: 5:45


Our goal at LEAD Academy is to provide ample opportunities for active, engaging, project - based learning opportunities, within a developmentally appropriate educational program that prepares students to be lifelong learners. A strong basis in literacy is one of the ways we will invest in our students’ future academic success.

LEAD Academy’s primary focus is to improve student learning through continuous improvement of the educational programs. The design of the daily, quarterly and yearly schedule is to show our intent and purpose. Our daily schedule is a reflection of our mission statement. It is important for students to have a predictable and consistent daily schedule so that they are more organized, efficient, and productive.



Progress Reports

Parents will receive progress reports in the middle of each quarter. Report cards will be sent to parents at the end of each quarter with an acknowledgment section that will be signed and returned to the school.



After School Care

After School Care and Academic Enrichment at LEAD Academy is delivered by Afterschool Labs. This program is on-site, hands-on, and has STEAM based activities. (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, Technology). We provide: snacks and a place to play, do homework, experiment, and explore. From dismissal to 5:45 PM Monday - Friday.